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simoncowell's Journal

Simon Cowell Fans
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We are the sad, sad individuals who think that Simon Cowell deserves a permanent spot amongst the gods.

Currently a judge on American Idol, Simon blasts the efforts of kids in bad clothing with worse vibratos. He dares to suggest that off-key Celine Dion or Michael Jackson wannabes are losers, and you know what? He’s absolutely right. He lets them know this by whipping out comments such as "boring," "dreadful" or "seriously terrible." And that's when he’s in a good mood after a proper night’s sleep.

Amongst many other adjectives, Simon is sarcastic, witty, brutally honest, and down to earth. And chances are that we are the same. Love us or hate us. We really don't care.

So for keeping it real and keeping horrible singers away from a recording studio:

We salute you, Simon Cowell.

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All we want is his pants. Really.