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Great Interview

Hey all -

There is a fantastic (LONG) interview with Simon in the Febuary 2007 Playboy.

My favourite part of the interview is:

Playboy: Okay, we know a guy who's a murderer. And this murderer has a pretty decent singing voice...

Cowell: [laughs] No!

Playboy: But you thought about it for a second.

Cowell: No, I didn't! I was laughing at the question. No, I'm not interested in signing murderers. Other people sign murderers.

Playboy: Who signs murderers?

Cowell:I think a lot of rap acts have murdered people.

Playboy:What if a murderer could make you lots of money?

Cowell:Look, the truth is I don't need to do that.

Playboy:Okay, today you're incredibly rich. But imagine this --

Cowell:You haven't forgotten about the murderer, have you? You're not going to let this one go.

Playboy: It's 1994. You haven't had a hit record yet. You have the chance to sign a murderer with a nice voice. Do you sign him?

Cowell: Manslaughter I may consider. Murder I think I'd have to say no. [laughs]
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