Glitching Gecko (glitchinggecko) wrote in simoncowell,
Glitching Gecko

Hi everyone! I'm new here, been watching X-Factor and Pop Idol since it started, but never thought to look for it on LJ, which is where I came across this cmmunity, and decided to join as I think Simon Cowell is one of the hottest things to be on television EVER!

I'm mainly here for one reason... What are opinions with fanfiction in this group? I'm currently writing a Simon fanfic, with a strange pairing, and I'm finding it difficult to get anyone to read it! Lol!

I don't want to post it if anyone has any problems with fanfiction, or the fact it's rated 18 (it has sex in it)...

Mods? Is it allowed? and if so, is it wanted?

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